My music is copyrighted, but free to use on social media if you can credit me.

You can find simple information on how to correctly credit ‘here‘


If you would like to use my music on social media without having to credit me, you will have to purchase a license for legal use.

You also have to purchase a license if you want to use my music in any media outside of social media.

Head over to the shop to check out the licenses available for purchase: shop’

NOT ALLOWED: TO Use my songs for your own music

You are not allowed to use my songs as backround music for your own musical work.
Uploading my tracks under your own music-artist-name to Music Streaming Services or Youtube is also strictly forbidden.


Besides having my music being free to download on both my Soundcloud & Youtube, all my songs are also available for purchase on all music stores (iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play etc).

However, purchasing my music from those stores does not grant you permission to use my music without adhering to the statements made above under ‘Copyright’ & ‘Licenses’. Rather it can be viewed as a donation to me and my continous music making, which I very much appreciate.


Any violations towards the statements above will lead to your content being reported for copyright infringement. Adhere to the statements and you will not experience any issues.

Sometimes in rare occasions people experience copyright claims (asked for share of the ad-revenue) on Youtube even though they have credited me perfectly/or obtained a license. Be aware that a claim of that sort would never come from me if you have done that. The reason for why that happens is usually that a person has stolen my music and uploaded it to music stores under their own name. This might cause confusion cause the copyright claim might actually display another track title than the one you have used.

Such issues are of my highest priority to fix so in the case of that happening, reach out to me at the contact form here and I’ll correct the situation as fast as possible.

Thank you!